Niles Congregation Holds Yard Sale

OHIO—On July 9 the Philadelphia Church of God congregation in Niles gathered in front of a member’s home for a yard sale to raise funds for the Work and to create an opportunity for fellowship.

Preceding the event, the weather radar showed a rainy front moving toward the yard sale location from the west. Yard sale manager and congregational meteorologist Bob Nutting emphasized the need for prayers regarding the weather.

Members arrived at the Seda’s home in Warren to offload and price-mark their items. The sky was cloudy, which brought a respite from the heat of July. The weather radar showed the storm front splitting. Miraculously, rain fell to the north and south of Warren—but the brethren experienced a dry and temperate summer’s-day yard sale.

From morning to mid-afternoon, brethren conversed, played cornhole and eyed one another’s donated wares as a steady stream of shoppers found their treasures and made their purchases. Through the fundraiser, the members achieved their goal of raising capital for the Work and congregation.