Johannesburg Members Bid Farewell to Incoming College Students

SOUTH AFRICA—On June 25, members of the Philadelphia Church of God Johannesburg congregation gathered at Preaching Elder George Githembe’s residence in Gauteng. Baby blue balloons and posters decorated the wall, and in the kitchen two cakes were prepared with powder blue icing, all to bid Eden Smith and Krystal Lightfoot a safe journey to Herbert W. Armstrong College.

Members arrived continuously, laden with food, including “vetkoek,” a traditional South African fried bread dough. A member gave a welcome speech, followed by a round of questions for the members to get to know one another better. Mr. Githembe gave the girls some advice, telling them that they should always rely on God and keep the vision. Members and parents reminded the girls not to forget them and gave many pieces of advice for college and beyond.

Mrs. Githembe called from Texas, promising a party when the girls arrived in America. The members ended the party over coffee and dessert.