Chicago Spokesman Club Ladies’ Gala

ILLINOIS—The Chicago Spokesman Club held its end-of-the-season Ladies’ Gala on June 11 at the Celebration on Wells art gallery in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Seventeen club members, accompanied by 12 ladies, began the formal event with fellowship and appetizers. Club director David Weeks called the meeting to order and gave the opening prayer. After giving opening remarks, club president Don Hoehn introduced the topics master for the afternoon: member Jim Privratsky. Topics ranged from summer plans to ways to be fit for the battle.

After a short break and some spanakopita bites to tide everyone over, Privratsky introduced Stuart Livingston as the toastmaster for the evening. Four speeches had been assigned: an add color, a stir to action, an inspire, and a “TV Interview” speech. The interview consisted of vice president Ben Tryba interviewing club member John Joseph about his life and how he came into the Church in Kuwait. A five-minute question and answer session open to the club members and guests followed.

Mr. Weeks announced the new officers for the next season and presented Chester Ewers with a Spokesman Club Graduation Certificate. Following Mr. Weeks’ concluding lecture about our incredible human potential, president Don Hoehn and sergeant-at-arms Alphonso Mallit presented the director with a card. Dinner was next, and then the men set up for a dance which lasted until 5:30 pm.

Club member Matt Yench said the food was “most excellent,” and member Jim Costanzo said that of the dozen or so ladies’ events he has been to, this one had the “most elegant setting.” Guest Pansy LaMantia said that she enjoyed the interview presentation. As a token of appreciation and gratitude for their valuable support, the ladies were given miniature cactus mementos to keep after the event.