State Line Club Invites Ladies for Special Event

MARYLAND—The “State Line” Spokesman Club conducted a Ladies’ Gala on May 21 in the lantern room of the Lakeside Hall at Fort Richie in Cascade with around 40 Philadelphia Church of God members in attendance.

The club, the motto of which was “Zealous, Diligent Builders of the World Tomorrow,” began with opening remarks by club president Luis Rosario, who said that “we have been given the building tools of manhood so that we can help God develop our physical families and our spiritual family.” The first half of the club also included a discussion with topics ranging from family to technology, history to current events.

During the second half of the meeting, four graduate speakers gave a symposium with a theme centered around building a new nation, as described in 1 Peter 2:9 and Isaiah 66:8. Club director Victor Vejil then concluded the speaking section with a lecture about how we are not just a church, but rather the spiritual nation of Israel. The gentlemen of the club presented gifts to their dates, and everyone ate a plated meal, listened to live jazz music and danced.

Guest Vanessa Privratsky said she loved “the rustic and elegant venue. The speeches were great and everything went smoothly. We had a delightful time.”

“The overall class of the beautiful venue with its rural setting, the fine dining, energetic live jazz music and the quality of the club speeches set this year’s event above all others,” said club member Bryan Apsito.