Filipino Singles Hold Summer Weekend

PHILIPPINES—Sixty-nine singles from seven different Philadelphia Church of God congregations came together for a national singles summer weekend held from April 28 through May 1.

Singles began arriving midday on Friday at the sandy beaches of Dawal Beach Resort to have lunch and prepare for the Sabbath. Before dinner, the singles sat on the beach to watch the sunset. Preaching Elders Broderick Tongco and Pedrito Cara gave a split Bible Study, setting the theme for the four-day event, “The Age of Opportunities.” At Sabbath services the next day, Local Elder Reniel Padua gave a sermonette titled, “Lessons by the Beach,” before the group listened to a recorded sermon from Pastor General Gerald Flurry. The evening concluded with a laughter-filled dinner dance.

On Sunday and Monday, the singles splashed about the seaside, bounced around an oversized rubber soccer ball, launched handmade kites and took a boat ride towards the crystal-clear waters of the nearby Potipot Island for sightseeing and swimming.

Member Amie Vargas said, “What I loved the most was the absence of competitive and selfish spirit, only smiles and determination to complete the games. I was inspired by how the singles embraced the challenges with a positive attitude and enthusiasm.”

Activity organizer Bemson Santiago said the event was a “huge opportunity for us to serve and make our fellow singles truly glad. It was the collective effort of all that made the activity a success!”