PCG Holds First Full Service in German

Thirty-one Philadelphia Church of God members met in southern Germany on May 28 to observe the day of Pentecost. Members traveled from Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom to attend services in Baden-Württemberg, where the services were held entirely in the German language for the first time since the days of the Worldwide Church of God.

The group conversed at services, over meals and on walks over an extended weekend spent at an old castle complex on a hill, surrounded and enclosed by a scenic forest near Lake Constance.

This was the largest gathering in Germany for Sabbath services and a holy day, it was also the first time a service was entirely held in German. The hymns, led by member David Michels; the sermonette, given by deacon Emmanuel Michels; the special music, sung by Herbert W. Armstrong College student Selah Harms; the announcements by Local Elder Richard Palmer; and the translated recording of the sermon message were entirely in German.

During the lifetime of Worldwide Church of God founder Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986), the Church extended into Germany and grew to more than a dozen congregations, served by a regional office in Bonn. After his death, the WCG fractured into many smaller groups. The PCG has continued Mr. Armstrong’s biblical teachings, and successfully fought for the legal right to publish his main book, Mystery of the Ages, which it has translated from English into German and eight other languages.

Members expressed their appreciation of being able to meet for Pentecost, as most would otherwise have been unable to meet because of long distances to the meeting location in the Netherlands.

“It is exciting to see the work in Germany expanding,” member Victoria Michels said, and it is a privilege to experience it first-hand.”

The work of the Church, its German translations and its membership in Germany and Austria continue to grow, much of which is reflected at the German-language version of theTrumpet.com: diePosaune.de.