Amazon and the Chocolate Fountain
God always delivers.

Life always gets ten times busier on the Herbert W. Armstrong College campus in the weeks leading up to graduation. Students and faculty prepare for final exams, finish papers and input final grades. The choirs and orchestra rehearse for their end-of-year performances, and the kitchen works tirelessly to provide delicious sustenance for the graduates and their families attending the special events that weekend.

Among these events is the annual graduation ball, which celebrates the graduating sophomores and seniors. Freshmen assist the juniors in setting up this event. I had the opportunity to assist in planning for grad ball this year. My mission: Find a good quality chocolate fountain at a reasonable price, one big enough to serve over a hundred guests. I also had to find the right kind of chocolate in the right amount so it would flow smoothly for the entire event without clumping.

This proved to be more challenging than I had expected. With a little over a week before the event, I still hadn’t found anything, and my cortisol levels were rising. But I couldn’t just give up.

I logged in to my Amazon account and researched chocolate fountains for hours. I learned about chocolate capacity, melting consistency, and the price point for fountains (some over $700!). I traversed the minefield that is the Amazon reviews page.

Finally, I came upon one chocolate fountain that looked promising. However, there were still two issues: the price and delivery time. It was still way over budget, and it was scheduled to be delivered the day before or the day of graduation ball, which was cutting it too close to our deadline.

But I was getting desperate.

Knowing that it may be our only chance of having a chocolate fountain, I gave a silent prayer and went for it. I decided to contact the seller to double check whether it would arrive on time and be sufficient for over a hundred guests. He ended up being a great help. He told us exactly how many pounds of chocolate we would need and offered to process the order and ship the fountain immediately, even expediting it to lessen the transit time. My class graciously agreed to help pay for the fountain so the guests could all enjoy the overflowing chocolate.

I was relieved to finally complete the order for the chocolate fountain, but then came the agonizing waiting time—or so I thought. The fountain was delivered even earlier than the date the seller gave after expediting it! It arrived six days before graduation ball, which eased the weight on our shoulders. Then during the event, the chocolate in the fountain flowed as smoothly as the event itself did.

This experience taught me a lot about relaxed faith. Amazon may not always deliver, but God does. He gives us tasks and assignments to set us up not for failure, but for success. God cares about every little detail, even something as small as a chocolate fountain. If we do our part and trust in Him, God will see to the fulfilment of every detail, especially if it’s for His Family.

I also learned that God can provide through His Family. Were it not for my class’s support and willingness to pitch in, graduation ball would have been chocolate-fountain-less. And were it not for the freshmen’s hard work and prayers, the event would not have been successful. It was unifying for all the classes—those graduating and those serving the graduates—and the guests and faculty too. Everything God does is to further unify His Family, and this event was definitely one of those instances.

I am thankful for this sweet lesson: that if we do our part, God will always deliver.