Mother’s Day Flower Sale Unifies Florida Members

FLORIDA—Philadelphia Church of God members of the West Palm Beach congregation combined their prayers and efforts for their first annual Mother’s Day Flower Fundraiser in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Unable to secure a place for the fundraiser, the members were asked to continue praying for an open door. Two days before the fundraiser, the group received approval to use a section of a Texas Roadhouse parking lot facing a major roadway.

Preaching Elder Joseph Short and Local Church Elder Ian Harper surveilled the local area to hand pick a variety of wild greenery for the arrangements, while member James Morley provided greenery from his olive tree. After sunset on the Sabbath before Mother’s Day, members gathered at Mr. Harper’s home to put the finishing touches on the over 50 prepared floral arrangements.

Morley said, “It’s nice to see families together working the fundraiser, as it seems to attract more patrons to buy from us.”

Members waved banners and displayed arrangements, encouraging customers to support the activity. God blessed the members with mild weather and strong sales. All arrangements sold by noon with a net a total of $1,300.

Member Barbara Edwards said, “It was a miracle that we sold all the arrangements. God really did provide us a successful day.”

Members ended the activity with a cookout at the home of Mr. Harper and watched the Herbert W. Armstrong graduation commencement.