Colombian Brethren Barbecue Buffalo

COLOMBIA—Seventeen members of the Philadelphia Church of God congregation in Medellín gathered at Preaching Elder Carlos Heyer’s home on April 30 for a family social barbecue.

“It was very inspiring to be in company of our minister and his wife, and to have such a beautiful quality of Christian fellowship, with all brethren enjoying the delights of the scenery, the barbecue, the hospitality and kindness. It has been a very precious opportunity to strengthen unity and our commitment to God and His work,” said deacon Antonio Rodriguez.

Following fellowship and an afternoon barbecue of locally-grown buffalo, many stayed to watch the complete live-streaming of Celtic Throne.

“It was a wonderful opportunity for family sharing not only a delicious food but encouraging Christian fellowship. On top of that, we were also able to be inspired by watching Celtic Throne’s performance together. It was really uplifting,” said member Natali Valdes.

Member Sandra Heyer said, “It was an opportunity to give and serve, and to strengthen the God Family unity.”