Congregations Combine for Family Fun Show

ILLINOIS—On March 25, around 60 Philadelphia Church of God members from northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, as well as Regional Director Brian Davis and his wife Gwen, combined for an evening of skits, jokes, instruments and songs at a family fun show in Warrenville, Illinois.

The stage, which had been used for Sabbath services earlier that day, was set for the show. Chicago Deacon Jim Privratsky was the master of ceremonies and set the tone for the evening by wearing a top hat and inserting jokes as he introducing each act. The members saw a range of acts including 15-year-old Clarice on the Ukulele, and a violin and guitar duet by members Ben Tryba and Jim Stewart. Member Kirby Macdonell sang the traditional Scottish folk song “Loch Lomond” in a Scottish brogue, just one of multiple vocal solos. After a skit performed by the Weeks and Bush families, Stewart and member Don Hoehn wrapped up the evening with a guitar duet.

Preaching Elder David Weeks said, “It’s always inspiring to have these family fun show events to see the wide-ranging talent in God’s Church, and to see the growth and improvement over the years.”

Weather forecasts for the day had predicted 2 to 4 inches of snow in the area, but by Sabbath services the roads were clear and the sun was shining. Following the service, members ate a Chicago-style meal of Italian beef sandwiches and mostaccioli.