Member Faces Obstacles to First Feast

ANGOLA—I was preparing to depart for South Africa for the Feast of Tabernacles 2022. It would be my first time attending the Feast of Tabernacles. My wife Adelaide, who was nine months pregnant and due to give birth at any time, confidently looked at me and said, “Go to the Feast. What is going to happen will happen. I will also stay with God.”

On October 5, I left our home in Lubango to arrive in Luanda for my October 7 flight to Johannesburg. Along the way, I received a call from my eldest daughter, Feliciana.

“Daddy, they just announced that all TAAG airline flights from Angola to the outside of the country are cancelled,” she said.

I decided to continue the trip in case my flight wasn’t cancelled. I arrived at the Luanda airport on Thursday only to be reinformed that all TAAG flights were canceled, including mine. I informed my minister, Preaching Elder George Githembe, suggesting to him that I could return home after the Sabbath. To my surprise, he told me stay and wait to see what God would work out. He reminded me of Romans 8:28, which says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

I was comforted by his answer. The next afternoon, I went to a hotel in Luanda to wait for further instructions, holding my own sabbath service in the hotel. Towards the end of Saturday, Mr. Githembe called and said he had received a message that I had a flight to Johannesburg on Sunday. I glorified God for the answer. Minutes later, the flight schedule head called confirming the information. Mr. Githembe informed me there would be no one to wait for me at the airport, as all the brethren had left for the Feast site, and he was in Kenya. All I could do was follow some signs until I found a bus that would take me to the hotel Mr. Githembe had booked to await my flight to the feast site the next day. I was scared, because in addition to having difficulty with English, I didn’t know where the hotel was. Once again, God performed a great miracle. When I left the airport, the first bus I came across was from the hotel I would be staying at.

I arrived at the feast site the next day. On the first day of the feast, my wife told me that she had given birth, but the baby had breathing problems. The members prayed about the situation, and after 14 days of hospitalization the baby was healed.

God used these situations to strengthen the faith of me, my wife and children, and the faith of the brethren. I will always remember this trip and its great moments that worked together for good.