Washington Members Vie For Best Baker Award

WASHINGTON—After sunset on January 21, about 90 Philadelphia Church of God brethren stomped their feet in a square-dance and tasted a display of over 30 pies at the annual Northwest Winter Weekend.

Ten-year-old Tessa said she tasted 5 pies, of which her favorite was Debra Hamlin’s first prize-winning apple pie. Erica Anderson’s passionfruit pie took first in the “cream/other” pie category. First place winners in the youth category were Gabrielle’s apple pie and Grace and Olive’s Meyer lemon pie. Meanwhile, members young and old put on their square-dancing shoes to work off their pie intake doing the Virginia reel and other dances directed by professional caller.

8-year-old Nolan said that his stars and stripes triple berry pie was “the best!”

The event took place in Centralia, Washington, where the group had held Sabbath services earlier that day with a sermon from Regional Director Cal Culpepper, a Bible Study from Preaching Elder Roger Brandon and an American-themed pot luck.

The next morning, the members assembled for more games and gym activities such as floor hockey, air hockey, foosball, oversized Jenga, tag and basketball.

“My favorite activity was dodgeball,” said 7-year-old Jace.