Edmond Experiences a Taste of Ireland

OKLAHOMA—Musicians and dancers from Dublin Irish Dance came to Armstrong Auditorium on February 15 to perform their new show, Wings: A Celtic Dance Celebration, which showcased Irish culture through traditional tunes and dance.

Dublin Irish Dance had performed at Armstrong Auditorium in 2017, but for these seven dancers, four musicians and one vocalist, it was their first time in the auditorium.

The pianist, violinist, Uilleann piper and guitarist each had at least one song featuring their instrument, and the female vocalist sang “Danny Boy,” “Wild Mountain Thyme” and other traditional songs. The performance received a standing ovation from the 741 patrons, some of which had driven from Tulsa to watch the show.

House manager Shane Granger noted, “The musicians were excellent, especially the guitarist and the piper.”

During the pre-concert announcements, Shane Granger notified the patrons that tickets for the April 30 performance of Celtic Throne were now available. Toward the end of the first half, four dancers from Celtic Throne danced a short choreography to promote sales. Celtic Throne co-director Brad Macdonald had arranged it with the Dublin dance troupe shortly after their arrival at the theater. Those watching the live stream saw a Celtic Throne promotion during intermission

The effort sold 114 tickets, 15 percent of seats for the April 30 performance, which Mr. Macdonald said “which is outstanding.”

Dublin Irish Dance was the third sellout show of this concert season. Three concerts remain for the 2022-23 season, with the Lviv Philharmonic of Ukraine scheduled for February 28.