Floridians Hold Picnic Despite Ominous Forecasts

FLORIDA—Despite unseasonably cold temperatures and threat of rain, 72 members from the Florida South and Central congregations of the Philadelphia Church of God held a family picnic on November 20, 2022, at the Lake Eva Community Park, with indoor and outdoor games, food and conversation.

James Morley said highlights for him were “tug of peace” and the bean bag race. “It is always humorous to see how much of a challenge a few determined young people can provide, especially when pulling against overconfident adults.”

Local Church Elder Iain Harper said the family spirit was evident. “To have so many brethren contributing and serving emphasized how important Church activities are to the brethren in building family unity. They truly thrive from these activities.”

The forecasted rain never came, and the cold weather proved to be another point of discussion on how nothing can keep God’s Family apart. Mr. Harper said “Be it the fellowship, the games, the joy on the faces of the little children playing together, it’s that indelible picture of the millennium we take home with us.”