Colombian Brethren Experience Millennial Jungle

COLOMBIA—Twelve members of the Philadelphia Church of God congregation in Medellin gathered at Preaching Elder Carlos Heyer’s home on January 7 for a family social afternoon.

After a typical Colombian lunch of jumbo chicken tamales, the members walked on the neighborhood Ecological Park trails that are full of jungle-like vegetation and real raw wood bridges over rushing creeks.

“Although we see each other every Saturday, it was a great opportunity to share as a group and experience that extra encouraging fellowship. I was very happy,” said member Ivan Rodriguez.

“It was a spectacular afternoon in which we enjoyed nature, typical Colombian food and above all, great family unity,” said Percy Gutierrez who was visiting from Chile.

“It is a great privilege to have a minister in this area. My wife Patricia and I are very grateful to our great God. We really needed it,” said member Federico Pallares.