Filipinos Share Stories at Bonfire

PHILIPPINES—25 brethren from the Philadelphia Church of God congregations in Iloilo and Negros gathered together on December 17, 2022, with Preaching Elder Broderick Tongco and his family for combined services and a family day that went from Saturday sunset to Sunday afternoon.

After the Sabbath, the members gathered at a beach, witnessing the baptism of Charmae Gepana, and then proceeded to a nearby house situated on a verdant hill.

“It is a most appropriate place to spend quality time with the brethren and enjoy God’s creation,” said member Espreranza Becera.

The members talked and laughed as they ate dinner, a breeze surrounding them. Around a bonfire the men made, they observed the night sky, sang and shared stories.

Sunday brought more laughter and fellowship as the members played family games, sang karaoke, ate meals and watched the kids play.

Member Pelagia Sedantes said the activity was “joyous and memorable. One day was not enough!”