New Jersey Members Have a Ball

NEW JERSEY—On Sunday, August 21, approximately 50 members from the Parsippany congregation gathered at Mount Pleasant Park in Basking Ridge New Jersey for their annual family picnic. Men grilled burgers and hotdogs, and the ladies arranged the drinks, sides, and desserts, all to the melodic noise of children enjoying the playground.

“The summer picnic is a great activity for brethren to fellowship and to get to know each other better in a casual setting. It’s a unifying event and a great reason to spend a day outside,” commented Preaching Elder Victor Vejil.

After lunch, New Jersey member Michael Street gathered two teams for a game of giant volleyball, during which each team member had the chance to display their ability to thrust, kick or hurl the 10-pound sphere over the net. Partway through the hour and half game, players experienced a “cool down” as some little children began a one-sided water balloon fight.

After everyone tired of group volleyball, members split off, some to try their hand at tennis, cornhole or basketball, others to fellowship in the shade over a serious game of dominos. As the day drew to an end, children, teens and even some singles participated in a final game of tag around the playground.

Event organizer and deacon Nathan Barkei said “New members, new games, great fellowship and a much-needed break in the heatwave all led to one of the best congregational picnics in recent memory.”