Philippines Members Rally in Father’s Day Fundraiser

PHILIPPINES—On June 19, Filipino brethren in Angeles City, Bicol and Davao City each held a Father’s Day Fundraiser, selling cakes and mugs.

In the weeks prior, brethren decorated round banana crumble cakes with “Best Dad” and “Super Dad”. The night before Father’s Day, there was a heavy downpour as some of the brethren from the Bicol congregation made their way to the park where the booth was set up. The rain stopped suddenly as they turned into the park. In the park it was completely dry, and many people were there.

Jazer, a teen from Angeles City congregation, said, “I learned not to be too afraid to approach people to sell our products. I also learned it’s not too hard to sell as long as I ask God to help me.”

Prosper Joy Zarate said she learned “the importance of detailed preparation, communication, teamwork” and that “letting God take care of the things that are beyond our control does have an impact.”

Nolito Romero of the Bicol congregation said, “the experience of working together and extended fellowship strengthened our bond as a family.”

All three congregations made more money than they had anticipated. The combined net profit of the three areas amounted to $2,186.

Andy Inojales, of the Davao congregation, remarked, “Even if you were only able to sell one cake so long as you did your best, God will bless your effort more than you can think of. That small amount of money, when combined, can substantially help the Work in so many ways. When we work together, we can achieve more.”