The Fake Insurrection and the Prophet Jonah
Consider the consequences of running from a God-given duty.

I have just finished writing my new book, an expanded version of America Under Attack. This book explains the crisis throttling America right now, and I would like to send you a free copy. I hope you will read it.

Chapter 7 is titled “Stolen Election, Fake Insurrection.” It describes in detail how Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election. It then shows how radical elites in government and media covered up their crimes by seizing on the Jan. 6, 2021, protest in Washington, D.C., as a pretext for shutting down all inquiry into election theft. They took an incident involving people who committed misdemeanor trespassing to protest a treasonous election and called it an assault on American democracy worse than Pearl Harbor, 9/11 or anything else since the Civil War. They branded it an insurrection and used it to target their political enemies for censoring, smearing, silencing, boycotting, prosecuting, imprisoning and worse. They used it as a weapon to utterly destroy their opposition.

That incident has become one of the most chilling examples of the attack on America. It also holds some powerful lessons for us. I describe some of these in the book, but I wanted to expand on this for you, our Royal Vision readers. This Personal is intended to supplement that chapter in America Under Attack.

In Crisis, God Is There

As that book explains, the history recorded in 2 Kings 14 is also prophecy for today. It describes a satanic effort to “blot out the name of Israel from under heaven,” an effort that caused bitter affliction for the nation, which God stopped “by the hand of Jeroboam” (verses 26-27). This battle has been playing out in American politics for the past 14 years with two destructive presidential terms of Barack Obama followed by the term of a modern-day Jeroboam, Donald Trump. Verse 28 then states that Jeroboam had to “war to recover” something. Today, Donald Trump is having to war to recover his stolen presidency.

Now, notice how verses 23-25 set the stage for this prophecy: “In the fifteenth year of Amaziah the son of Joash king of Judah Jeroboam the son of Joash king of Israel began to reign in Samaria, and reigned forty and one years. And he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord: he departed not from all the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who made Israel to sin. He restored the coast of Israel from the entering of Hamath unto the sea of the plain, according to the word of the Lord God of Israel, which he spake by the hand of his servant Jonah, the son of Amittai, the prophet, which was of Gathhepher.”

Jonah prophesied that Jeroboam would intervene and save the kingdom of Israel. This is the same Jonah who later fled from God and was punished by being swallowed by a great fish for three days and three nights before he took God’s message to Nineveh.

Why did God mention Jonah in 2 Kings 14:25? It seems He wanted to show that He had a prophet there from the beginning. That is encouraging! God was there all along, and so was His prophet, letting everybody know He was involved and would not let them blot out the name of Israel! He would, temporarily, save them, just as He is temporarily saving the modern nations of Israel in the end time.

This shows that God is always there. If God is involved with a prophet, He lets us know. In all these events and fulfilled prophecies, God is here, taking care of His Work and the people doing the Work. True Christians need to remember this as we experience trials and tests, and realize how much God is with us and how the Work carries on.

Running From Responsibility

God commissioned Jonah to warn Nineveh, an “exceeding great city,” the capital of the mighty and cruel Assyrian Empire (Jonah 1:2; 3:3). God commanded Jonah to personally warn the Ninevites that He was about to punish them for their evil! Jonah feared doing that, and he fled.

Like Jonah, sometimes we do not understand what God is doing, or we don’t want to carry out what He is asking of us. We try to get out of it as Jonah did. But God always has a reason for what He does. We must do our best to discern what that is and obey it—even if we can’t discern it!

In this end time, God has commissioned His people to warn not only America, Britain, the Jewish nation and the other modern nations of Israel, but also end-time Assyria, which is Germany. The book of Nahum prophesies about God commanding His people to warn the modern Assyrians. So this reference in 2 Kings 14 also links the book of Jonah to us in the end time. There is something here that God wants us to tell the world. He wants them to repent and change so they won’t keep suffering for their disobedience!

By fleeing, Jonah committed a serious sin before God. How often do we act like Jonah and run from something we know we ought to do? That can produce difficult trials. God’s people must not run from anything God wants us to do. Of course there are things we would rather not do, but we must do what God asks of us. Jonah teaches us not to run from those things, no matter how difficult.

After God punished him, Jonah repented and went right into Nineveh, proclaiming to them that difficult message (Jonah 3). He corrected them for their evil and warned that God would destroy them. The Assyrians did cruel things to their enemies, and they could have done horrible things to Jonah for proclaiming such a message. Yet he still told them what God had said.

Then something amazing happened! The leaders and people of Nineveh believed God. They took action: They put on sackcloth and fasted. They even put sackcloth on their animals and denied them food and water as well (verses 5-9). The people of this great city humbled themselves. Verse 10 says, “God saw their works.” They didn’t just speak or act righteous; they did works to respond to God’s message.

This really happened! These ancestors of the modern Germans, from the king to the nobles to all the people, repented! They did not know the true God, but they had enough faith to know Jonah’s message was from God, to do works and to repent. That is the only time an empire has ever repented at the warning of a prophet of God.

When God’s Work fulfills its commission to warn modern Germany—possibly taking this message to the Germans in person—I am sure God wants this emphasized. He wants us to tell them to heed the warning so they won’t perish. God deeply desires for people to repent!

Nahum’s Warning

The content of the book of Nahum was never spoken by a prophet; it was only written. So it is primarily for this end time.

Its first verse speaks of the “burden of Nineveh.” This connects to God’s commission to Jonah, who went to Nineveh and who found God’s prophetic message to be a burden.

This will not be an easy message to deliver to the modern Assyrians. Germany will be leading Europe and the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire—which will be the worst, most destructive resurrection of that empire ever! Germany is about to unleash unprecedented horror on the world. The name “German” means “war men.” They fight! Every time they get power, they want war. God’s message for them is grave and weighty, surely one of the Bible’s strongest. God says, “Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departeth not” from these people (Nahum 3:1). They prey on people and on nations, time after time.

Nahum 1:11 describes “a wicked counsellor”—a man who will lead this modern European empire. God warns him, “I will make thy grave; for thou art vile” (verse 14). This man wants to rule the world! He will amass great power, but God tells him, I am against you! And He tells him that through a modern type of Jonah and Nahum.

That is a strong warning—yet there is an even stronger warning in Nahum’s prophecy: the warning to true Christians. God warns that we must deliver this burden, no matter how difficult. Through Nahum, God speaks to His people much like He spoke to Jonah: Rise up and go to Nineveh! We will have to be strong people to deliver this message because it will bring intense criticism and probably even physical danger at times. Perhaps God has caught some of us acting like Jonah and running away from something. We cannot do that and be successful with God!

Stolen Election

“For the Lord saw the affliction of Israel, that it was very bitter: for there was not any shut up, nor any left, nor any helper for Israel” (2 Kings 14:26). The Ferrar-Fenton translation reads, “For the Ever-living pitied the immeasurable miseries of Israel both without and within, when there was no ease for Israel.” God made Israel great, but now it has declined and has no ease. And God warns that we can solve the affliction only by repenting toward Him.

Anciently, King Jeroboam warred to recover cities (verse 28). The modern Jeroboam is warring to recover the stolen 2020 presidential election. He talks about this every time he holds a rally. The mainstream media censor him. Even “conservative” Fox News will barely cover those rallies and silences any talk about a stolen election.

This shows how evil this world now is. There is ongoing treason! Huge amounts of votes were stolen in six states, and the world can see, even on video in some cases, the blatant theft of an election. But the media corporations insist there was no fraud, or at least that we must move on since “there is nothing we can do about it now.”That is not true. God is going to do something about it, and I do not think He will wait until the next presidential election.

On Jan. 6, 2021, the day Congress met to certify the vote, much of the fraud was already known. People in six swing states were crying out about significant voter fraud that had occurred. More than 100 legislators were ready to speak to Congress to stand up for the truth and try to stop a stolen election.

But the January 6 protest, and the left’s reaction to it, changed all that. Many or most of the wrongs committed that day were instigated by leftists who infiltrated the protest to create trouble. They wanted to disrupt what was happening inside the Capitol. They stole the 2020 election, then instigated the uglier aspects of January 6, then overreacted to discredit that protest and all opposition to certifying the election.

Their plan worked perfectly: Those 100 congressmen and Vice President Mike Pence caved in and allowed the fraudulent vote to be certified.

What do you think when you see someone like Mr. Pence taking such action? What kind of treachery is that? Will state legislatures continue to fight for the president when even the vice president won’t? Constitutionally, Mr. Pence could have and should have demanded an investigation. But he said: “It is my considered judgment that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted, and which should not.”

That was a twisted lie. He was not “supporting and defending the Constitution” by ignoring people in six swing states crying out about fraud everywhere! Criminals had trampled all over the Constitution! Nobody was asking Mr. Pence to change votes; they were asking for lawful protection from stolen votes. Many members of Congress were ready to exercise their lawful recourse for addressing that fraud. But Pence stopped it! And every one of them ran from their responsibility.

Once the January 6 event unfolded, it ended everything for President Trump. No one was there to stand up for him. Everyone ran and hid. These Republican leaders betrayed the president. The courts, all the way up to the Supreme Court, threw out the legal challenges due to technicalities. They all ran like Jonah.

Because Republicans caved in and Mike Pence certified the presidency on January 6, Joe Biden, a man long guilty of rank corruption, was inaugurated, and Barack Obama—a modern type of the mad, hateful king Antiochus Epiphanes—was able to resume his efforts to blot out America and blot out even the name of Israel!

What happens to someone when they run from a responsibility to the truth and to God? The fruits are not good. I believe Republicans in America have grown shamefully weak because of their compromising and cowardly spirit.

When we run into difficulties, we cannot run from what we must do! To be able to stand for God, we must be tough!

Let’s look at another example that shows this principle.

Dark Sentences

Daniel 8:23 describes “a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences.” This prophecy was fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanes anciently, but is being fulfilled by three men in this end time who have used their power to destroy God’s Church, to destroy America and, soon, to launch World War iii.

I have puzzled over what “dark sentences” means specifically. I believe Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg could be the “king of fierce countenance” who will rise to lead Europe and wreak destruction and death. Knowing about him helps me understand what is meant by “dark sentences.”

Guttenberg is unusually sharp, even among the elites of the world. He is involved in the emerging technology of blockchain. This is basically a currency made of computer code designed to resist hacking. Such a technology opens up a lot of possibilities, especially in finance. People say it could revolutionize the world as much as the Internet has.

The United States dominates the current global financial system. But Herbert W. Armstrong said that he believed a global financial crisis, beginning in America, would change that.

“In the world, the drift toward world economic collapse is the most serious threat to the continued existence of the present civilization,” he wrote. This collapse “could suddenly result in triggering European nations to unite as a new world power larger than either the Soviet Union or the U.S.” (co-worker letter, July 22, 1984).

Right now, many countries hold large amounts of dollars so they can conduct large international transactions. This demand for the dollar makes it much more valuable than it would otherwise be. Yet America has borrowed itself into more than $30 trillion in debt! Common sense tells you America’s economy will crash!

When it crashes, people who understand the banking system, who understand technology and who have alternatives for creating a different financial system—perhaps involving blockchain—will be positioned to take on immense power.

Perhaps these “dark sentences” are simpler than we think. Satan will take a brilliant man and use him, and lead him to the “dark side.” This brilliant man will understand these things. He will understand dark sentences because he’s on the evil side of things.

We don’t know who the European “king of fierce countenance” will be, but Baron Guttenberg could be that man.

Guttenberg was a rising star in German and European politics, becoming secretary general of his Christian Social Union party, a federal legislator, the economics minister, then the defense minister. Some said he could become the next chancellor, but he resigned over a plagiarism scandal in 2011. However, over the past 11 years, he has continued to develop his connections with other international elites as a consultant in international finance, trade, defense and other affairs.

When you know Bible prophecy, you know that Europe is building into a 21st-century Holy Roman Empire. And that empire is about warfare. So Guttenberg’s involvement in defense is worth scrutinizing. Military technology is developing rapidly, with new 3-D vision augmentation and other amazing advancements that make soldiers even more deadly. The Holy Roman Empire wants to use its soldiers, its military and its financial and trading power to control the world.

The man Satan raises up to lead this resurrection of this empire will understand dark sentences. Guttenberg is in a position to be such a man.

Interviewing Guttenberg

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo interviewed Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg in March. In the past, when Donald Trump was president, Guttenberg made it clear that he hates him. He hasn’t really said why: That hatred is something that he himself probably doesn’t even understand.

With the Russia-Ukraine war raging, Guttenberg told Bartiromo that he had spoken with the Klitschko brothers, prominent Ukrainians who were fighting to defend their country and its capital city from Russia. He praised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He associated himself with these men whom many regard as heroes, and said his own family had accepted eight Ukrainian refugees into one of his homes.

Of course, Guttenberg neglected to mention that his country, Germany, has continued to empower Russia by building a pipeline to bypass Ukraine, by continuing to buy huge amounts of oil and gas from Russia, and by blocking deliveries of armaments to help defend Ukraine. As a former defense minister and potential chancellor, he is well placed to know what is going on in considerable detail.

But Satan comes as an “angel of light”! What Germany has done to Ukraine is treachery in every way! Europe’s most powerful country has clearly made a deal with Russia!

Nahum 1 prophesies that the people of Nineveh will have deceit and murder in their minds!

Bartiromo has been one of the few prominent journalists to tell the truth about America’s stolen election. I find it concerning that she featured a man who is such a Trump hater.

Many people want to do what is right and true. But somewhere along the line, when it gets hard, if they don’t keep doing what is right, they deteriorate spiritually, intellectually and in other ways.

Fox News is not like it used to be. It still has some reasonably good programs compared to others, but something is really missing. They have chosen not to speak the truth about a stolen election. Quite a few of them are like Jonah. They’ve reasoned and compromised and reached a point where they’re just not going to do it. Their character has begun to fade. They are not strong like they used to be.

Those delivering the truth of God must always obey the truth of God and never compromise! You must not run like Jonah. God does not compromise, and His people cannot compromise!

People like Bartiromo probably have no idea what is at stake with President Trump or with the “king of fierce countenance” prophesied in Daniel 8.

‘Broken Without Hand’

Daniel 8:24 warns, “And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power ….” Whomever that European leader is, he will have great power because he will be possessed by Satan! Isaiah 10:5-7 say he does not think in his heart that he will do terrible things, but it is in his nature “to destroy … nations not a few.” That is Holy Roman Empire thinking.

“And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand” (Daniel 8:25). This alludes to the inspiring culmination of this and other end-time Bible prophecies. The strongman of Daniel 8, and other monstrous dictators like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, are going to plunge the world into destruction far worse than the world wars. The world will be covered with millions of dead! But then Jesus Christ Himself will face these strongmen and strike them with superior force! They will try to war against God Himself at Jerusalem, but He will defeat and destroy them!

Other prophecies in the Bible show that Jesus Christ will then establish the Kingdom of God, a government controlling both church and state and ruling over all nations. All people will be forced to submit to the only Being who should have such power over them, their Creator and the God Family under Him—not a Satan-inspired man or any other man.

Jesus Christ is about to return, and right now He is building character in His servants to fight and fight, to never run away and to never, never, never surrender! These Christians are the ones who will be in that Kingdom of God, who will be kings under the King of kings. For this reason, true Christians must not compromise or run away like Jonah. This world desperately needs right government,and only true Christians who learn the lesson of Jonah can develop the character to be part of that government, the soon-coming Kingdom of God.