Ghana Congregation Visits Oldest Member

GHANA–On Sunday July 10, 2022 eight brethren from the Accra Congregation travelled for two hours to visit the oldest member, Kwesivi Avoodi who has been battling with health trials for a while. The visit went along with a picnic in Mr. Avoodi’s home.

The 74-year-old member was very glad to have the brethren over. They fellowshipped for about five hours. Despite his health Mr. Avoodi cooked a meal in advance to share with the brethren. This was the first social activity the brethren had since the Covid lockdowns and mandates started. After the picnic, the brethren took a brisk 20-minute walk at nearby lake side before heading back to Accra.

“The community is very quiet and peaceful, and I really enjoyed sharing those moments with the brethren,” Mr. Patrick Kouadio remarked.

9-year-old Herbert asked, “When are we coming back to visit Mr. Avoodi again?”