Members Picnic at the Farm

On June 25, 15 Philadelphia Church of God members and families from Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska gathered near Woodward, Iowa, for a picnic at the farm of a local member.

The group toured the farm, including a corral where two ponies were stabled, and worked up an appetite playing volleyball, soccer and tossing a football. For lunch, the group enjoyed the grass-fed beef from cattle raised on the farm.

“God really blessed us with the perfect weather for the picnic,” Preaching Elder David Weeks said. “And to be on a farm, surrounded by trees, flowers, animals and crops, was just great to propel our minds and conversation into the future Millennium.”

After lunch came the highlight of day, certainly for the youngsters: a pony was saddled for the children to ride. They were instructed on how to ride, raise their arms and holler a cowboy-style “yeehaw.”

“The Porters made their place beautiful,” member Emily Mikesh said. “Hats off to them for a lovely party.”

Julie Jarrott said, “It was a wonderful day of laughter and catching up with all my Iowa family.”