Mail Dept. Signs With New Firm for International Mail

EDMOND—The Philadelphia Church of God mail processing department signed with a new international mail firm on June 22 that will significantly speed international delivery for the Philadelphia Trumpet and Royal Vision, and international orders fulfilled from PCG headquarters in Edmond Oklahoma. For the magazines, recipients will have an option to report when their mail arrives.

Comptroller Jason Hensley and mail department manager Daryle Hochstetler researched several companies over the past six months and began working with The Mail Group in earnest in mid-June, working out country routing processes and delivery times. After details were agreed upon this week, just before signing, the firm’s representative halved the cost of the fuel surcharge, voluntarily and unexpectedly.

The department has used companies specializing in international mail delivery since the early years of the Church. Its previous provider, which it had used for two years, was bought out in late 2021, and it became evident within a couple of months that a change was necessary. Hensley said that ongoing coronavirus issues made it difficult to fully track down the source of the problems, “but God seemed to have brought this solution into clear view. Our printer recommended The Mail Group, and everything has gone smoothly since the first contact.”

In the process of switching companies, headquarters found that two PCG members work for the company, Robert Olsen, director of marketing and innovation, and new marketing copywriter Ashlynn McLain.

“I am excited for the opportunity to work with the Mail Group in order to increase efficiency and decrease shipping times,” Hochstetler said. “As we see big events unfolding daily and weekly, people are requesting more and more literature, searching for answers. Prayers for delivery times and costs are always appreciated.”

International mail accounts for a significant minority of the department’s total volume. It uses another magazine shipping service and the United States Post Office for domestic mail, a courier service for special mailings and various companies for occasional shipping and receiving of freight.

The July-August Royal Vision was mailed on July 11. The August Philadelphia Trumpet was mailed on July 14. Recipients are invited to report the date on which their mailing arrives, using the website listed on the address sheet that arrives with their magazine or booklet.