East Canadians Hold Family Campout

CANADA—On July 1, 78 Philadelphia Church of God members from four congregations and as far away as New Brunswick began the first day of the East Canada Campout at Camp Opemikon. The first campout in this area was held in 2019, but it was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to government lockdowns.

After completing journeys as long as 683 miles, families and singles set up tents, moved into cabins and took the first canoes and kayaks onto the 1,596-acre lake before assembling together for dinner and fellowship.

After a warmer Friday, God provided a cool breeze for the Sabbath as everyone gathered for brunch. More members from the Ottawa congregation arrived for Sabbath services, bringing the attendance to 87. The group had a potluck dinner, and after sunset saw a talent show with acts ranging from vocals, piano, a poem and a guitar-drum-vocal duet. The night ended with everyone joining in for a sing-a-long.

On Sunday, the sun came back out, and campers took to the lake for swimming, fishing and canoeing. Some played volleyball and others sat and conversed. For dinner, the abundance of leftover food was laid out for another potluck, then everyone joined in on another sing-a-long around the campfire.

From the planning stages to the conclusion of the campout, members said that they could see the miracles and open doors from God in both their personal lives and collectively for the camp.

“It was the best time of my life,” said first-time campout attendee Darlene Cufaro. “I wasn’t sure if I was going at the beginning, but I prayed about it, and God opened the door for me to go. It was breathtaking.”

“The campout was a great success, and God’s blessing was on it from the start,” said Local Elder Tyrel Schlote. “When we first approached the campground, their original price was unattainable. However, they were willing to cut the rental fee by more than half to make the event work for us.”