Lancaster Club Holds Ladies’ Gala

PENNSYLVANIA—On June 12, approximately 55 gentlemen and their dates of the Lancaster Pennsylvania Spokesman Club gathered together at the Morningside Inn in Frederick, Maryland for their end of season ladies gala. Regional Director Brian Davis and local club director Victor Vejil encouraged the men and ladies to “bring a royal standard” raising the event to a formal, where ladies wore gowns and the gentlemen wore black suites and tuxes.

With the gavel falling shortly after 11 a.m., guests first participated in a lively topics session, with questions focusing mainly on recent world events. A short ten-minute intermission was followed by five speeches given during the second half of the meeting. Speakers warned against over consuming sugar, gave lessons learned from a fateful camping trip, recited President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, explained three basic pillars of Marxism, and inspired the club with Panther’s Coach Samuel Mills’ example.

Towards the end of the second half, Mr. Vejil presented James Brady, Tony Kranwinkel and Colin Schultz with graduation certificates. The meeting concluded with a lecture from Mr. Davis encouraging the club to reflect the royal calling God has given us in our standards, using the description of New Jerusalem to show what God wants from His Bride. For the remainder of the afternoon, guests dined on a plated meal and listened to a live string trio as they fellowshipped and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.