Southeast Region Holds Family Campout

ALABAMA—On May 27, more than 130 Philadelphia Church of God members gathered for the seventh annual Southeast regional campout.

The weekend began with a Bible study by Preaching Elder Joseph Short. On Sabbath morning, after a baptism and brunch, the brethren held services. The messages emphasized the importance of fellowship with God and with His Family and its role in building godly character.

Following services and more fellowship, Regional Director Wik Heerma, Mr. Short, and Local Church Elder David Miller led a Bible question-and-answer session. The day concluded with a campfire and a sing-along.

On Sunday, members participated in the “Alabama Adventure Challenge.” After grouping into five teams, they worked through various challenges culminating in the build-a-boat competition. Families spent the rest of the afternoon in water sports.

Once everyone dried off, entertainment night began, with more than a dozen acts, varying from singing to comedy. The teams from the adventure challenge also performed the songs they had created that day. After Mr. Heerma concluded the show by recognizing the hard work that had made the campout possible, members set off fireworks and made s’mores around the campfire.

One of the youths said, “I enjoyed Sunday when all the activities were going on and spending time with my friends.”

“The thing I liked best is roughing it with my real family and how, if we needed anything, someone near always had it, without fail,” Sarah Nelson said.

Selah Harms said she “loved seeing multiple ages interacting with one another. It was very family-oriented. The build-a-boat was certainly a highlight as well. Everyone worked really well together and had a lot of laughs.”

“I enjoyed being outdoors, and I loved the fellowship. I loved the love everyone had for each other. I didn’t have a favorite part: It was all wonderful,” Deloris Tillman said.

Donna Floyd said, “It was lovely seeing everyone going around and helping each other, loving each other and being a family. It puts me in mind of a millennial setting.”