Arkansans Sell Flowers for Mothers Day

ARKANSAS—Philadelphia Church of God members from Central Arkansas held their second annual flower fundraiser on Mothers Day weekend. Volunteers gathered at the home of members Hank and Barbara Chadwick on May 6 to create 104 arrangements. On May 8, Mother’s Day, everyone woke up early, packed up the flowers, and set off to raise money.

The day of the sale was forecasted to be hot, with temperatures reaching the mid-90s, but after everyone prayed, the highs reached only the mid-80s, which was much better for the condition of the flowers.

“We had an absolute beautiful and weather perfect day,” Barbara Chadwick said.

During the sale, volunteers chatted away, kids held signs, and everyone said they were having fun. Socha Chadwick remarked, “It was exciting to see all the challenging work pay off. Also, to hear all the comments of what a great idea to have drive-up flower sales and how nice our arrangements were.” The team sold all 104 of the arrangements within four hours and raised more than $2,400.