Brisbane Hosts Senior Tea Party

AUSTRALIA—On April 24, three Brisbane singles hosted a Sunday morning tea for ten Philadelphia Church of God seniors at the home of Local Elder Brian Sherwood.

Under beautiful, sunny weather, tables were set up with fresh flowers and fairy lights to create a pleasant ambience. Food and drinks were prepared and served by the singles.

Member Shery Smedley said, “A big thank you to the young single ladies along with Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood, who served us a most wonderful morning tea. The garden at the Sherwood’s home was relaxing and delightful with a variety of colorful flowers. The food was delicious, and the conversations were uplifting and encouraging. Even with a few rain showers that came through, we all fit nicely under the back patio and had a relaxing morning.”

Member Ray Webb said, “What was wonderful was the feeling of being thought of as special, in our great Church family.”