Arizonans Picnic as a Family

ARIZONA—On March 13, almost 40 Philadelphia Church of God members from across the state met for a family day picnic at Scottsdale’s Chaparral Park.

A few members arrived early to start the grills, and deacons Daren Reinsch and Keith Smart and others diligently stoked the flames, keeping the sound and smell of crackling charcoal in the air throughout the day to provide a proper fire for grilling hotdogs and hamburgers. The dozens of other members contributed side dishes, and there was no shortage of food.

Phoenix member Shirley Ortiz called it “a great day” and said that her granddaughter “had a good time meeting all the friendly smiling faces.”

Under a mix of warm sunrays and calming light breezes, members discussed the spring holy days and plans for the Feast of Tabernacles, and remarked about how pleasant, blessed and enjoyable they found the day to be.

The 100-acre park offered members a basketball court, sand volleyball court, dog park, pools, boating, fishing, and playgrounds. Member Brian Young set up an obstacle course for the youth. Rachel, 8, enthused with a smile that the course “was hard, but I did it” and added that she “loved it.” Other members played catch, fetch with their dog, sand volleyball or other games, or took a walk around the lake.

“A perfect Arizona spring day at the park,” member Brenda Smith said. “It is wonderful to see the children and brethren having fun together.”