Ohio Hosts Deacons and Elders

OHIO—On March 5-6, ministers, deacons, their wives and visiting families joined the Niles congregation for the weekend for Sabbath services, a Saturday evening games activity and a deacons and elders meeting on Sunday.

An unseasonably warm Sabbath under blue skies started the weekend, and attendance for Sabbath services almost reached 150. Families shared a potluck dinner and then a games night after sunset.

“Everyone; ministers and brethren, young and old, all participated in various fun-filled challenging games,” deacon Charles Sclavunos said. The hall was filled with laughter and excitement by players of Charades, Pictionary, Jeopardy and other games.

“The Sabbath messages tied well together,” Preaching Elder Victor Vejil said, “and having an activity Saturday night was great for building unity and stronger bonds in God’s Family.”

On Sunday morning, Regional Director Brian Davis began a day of classroom style instruction on how deacons and ministers can better fulfill their responsibilities, serve the brethren and help build the Family of God. Toward the end of the day, some time was set aside for questions and answers.

“This was certainly a momentous weekend,” Preaching Elder David Weeks said. “The leadership of the Northeast Region came together in a family atmosphere to be further trained to fulfill our responsibilities. I think we all came away with a heightened sense of urgency to do our part to serve in and finish God’s Work.”