Australians Share Hungi Lunch, Witness Miracle

AUSTRALIA—After sunset following the Sabbath of Dec. 4, 2021, about 20 members of the Philadelphia Church of God Brisbane congregation traveled to the property of the McKee family in Queensland to pitch their tents.

Meanwhile, a severe thunderstorm and heavy rainfall was bound for their campsite, which would bring the entire event to a halt. As the thunderclouds approached the border of the property, the storm cell abruptly split and went around, completely missing the campsite yet bringing much-needed cooler weather.

“God wants His family to gather together,” Regional Director Aaron Hudson said, “even more so as we see the day approaching.”

The following morning, approximately 50 more members joined the group for a family day and Hungi lunch. Free of Covid restrictions, some constructed a cubby house, some went four-wheel driving, and some chatted under the shade of a tree.

Stuart Winship provided the traditional Hungi lunch with other members assisting in the preparation of the lamb, venison, chicken and vegetables. The event finished with a game of volleyball.