Filipino Singles View Art Galleries

PHILIPPINES—On Dec. 19, 2021, singles of the Quezon City congregation of the Philadelphia Church of God toured eastern metro Manila, visiting two of the most well-known spots in Rizal Province, the Pinto Art Museum and the Art Gallery Sector & Chimney 360°.

An hour of travel from crowded, humid Manila brought the group to the temperate climate highland city of Antipolo, Rizal, where the 27 participants were welcomed by a foggy and cool weather. The first stop was an early lunch at a popular restaurant inside the Pinto Art Museum, which is designed by its artists to resemble the Santorini in Greece. They then toured the building’s seven galleries to see hundreds of contemporary artworks by local artists.

“I was really amazed at how the artists make their artwork look so exquisitely beautiful,” Hannah Magallanes said.

Prospective member Ruzzel Santiago said that viewing the artwork was a glimpse into the minds of the artists.

A 30-minute drive then took the group to the Art Sector Gallery & Chimney 360°. On its fifth-floor roof deck, singles could see a panoramic view of Rizal, including Laguna Lake.

“It was a nice place to relax,” Sophia Dy said. “We laughed and enjoyed each moment. The view from the roof deck is worth seeing, especially when the sunset hits. Though we couldn’t see the sun due to the fog, the reflection of it on the lake was a sight to behold.”

The singles ended the day by watching a partial sunset overlooking the distant lowlands.