Armstrong Hosts 19th Thanksgiving Ball

EDMOND—On the evening of November 23, more than 100 guests dined in the John Amos Field House gymnasium on turkey wellington with cranberry sauce, in an ambiance of enjoyable conversation and laughter for the 19th annual Herbert W. Armstrong College Thanksgiving Ball.

After a traditional Thanksgiving dessert of pumpkin and pecan pies, faculty and students conversed over spiced lattes, swung across the dance floor and saved their memories at the photo booth.

The evening concluded with a joint Greek dance, led by assistant dean of students Brad Macdonald and freshman Nikolas Tolis.

Herbert W. Armstrong College senior and event organizer Elias Noe said that the planning crew wanted to “make guests feel more connected by bring a greater emphasis on relaxing with family, cutting loose on the dance floor, while at the same time having a real sense of elegance and grandeur throughout the evening.”

Faculty guest Jessica Brandon said that her favorite part of the evening was engaging in conversation with faculty and students that she does not normally see.

Herbert W. Armstrong College President Stephen Flurry said he loved that the ball comes just before Thanksgiving break, adding, “It’s a great opportunity for the students to relax and have fun during a busy time.”

The next Armstrong formal event is Armstrong Club’s ladies night, scheduled for January.