South Africans Share a Day at the Beach

SOUTH AFRICA—On Sunday November 7, 2021, seven members from the Philadelphia Church of God Cape Town congregation in South Africa gathered for a picnic along the beach at Melkbosstrand, with Preaching Elder George Githembe and his wife joining in the activity.

Melkbosstrand, Afrikaans for Milkbush Beach, is a small beautiful coastal town with a 4-mile stretch of white sand beach, located roughly 20 miles north of Cape Town.

Upon arrival, the weather was cool, overcast and slightly windy, and the weather forecast was for even more wind. Members were asked to pray for favorable weather. Mr. Githembe said he prayed for “perfect beach weather,” and by noon the sun was out, shining warm and bright.

Members participated in soccer, tennis and catch, and collected shells along the shore. A few brave brethren splashed and swam in the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Ladies also visited a nearby plant nursery. Lunch was sausage rolls and chicken skewers and wings.

One member remarked on “everyone gathering together. The men together, the ladies together, the men playing with the kids. The care for each other and that the group fellowshipped, had fun and laughed together.”

Member Jonathan Airdien said, “The fellowship with Mr. Githembe was the highlight of my day.” Member Colleen Swanepoel said, “The whole day was special. I really enjoyed it. God’s Spirit, made it more special. The weather was great, so relaxing and the conversation was great.”

Punctuating the event was deacon Neal Simpson heading for the waves on his boogie board as everyone looking on from the beach cheered.