Why the PCG Watches World Events

The world is replete with thousands of news sources, authorities and organizations discussing world events. Amid all the confusion, discord and fake news, the Philadelphia Church of God provides something utterly unique. We don’t merely report the news, we explain the news at the deepest level. We highlight the meaning and purpose of world events and why they are happening. Most uniquely, we accurately forecast where world events are leading. We show how current events, trends and developments are fulfilling specific Bible prophecies that describe world conditions prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Through our flagship publication, the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine (online at theTrumpet.com), and with our weekly television program, The Key of David, presented by Pastor General Gerald Flurry, we have a long history of using Bible prophecy to accurately forecast major global events and trends. This legacy can be traced back to the Plain Truth magazine, which was established in 1934 by the late Herbert W. Armstrong.

For over eight decades, Mr. Armstrong and the Plain Truth and, since 1990, Gerald Flurry and the Trumpet have delivered many insightful forecasts. Today, these forecasts and many others are coming to fruition.

How did Mr. Armstrong know about these events and trends? How does Mr. Flurry know? Because of Bible prophecy.

When some people hear the word prophecy, they think of apocalyptic movies, mystical books or crazy street preachers. But you can’t ignore the fact that one third of the Bible is prophecy!

Few today are aware that Jesus Himself was a prophet. He foretold future events, some of which He called end-time events! If you “believe the Bible,” you can’t ignore the question of Bible prophecy.

Consider this. Toward the end of His ministry, Jesus Christ delivered the tremendous Olivet prophecy, recorded in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. What was it about? It was His response to the disciples’ earthshaking question, “[W]hat shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” (Matthew 24:3). In other words, the Olivet prophecy is Christ’s explanation of the world conditions that would precede His return. Christ tells us that we have to be on the lookout (verses 32-33): You will know that the end of this age is near, and that Christ’s return is near, by watching as the specific signs He has given us are fulfilled step by step.

Why would God give us these signs? Why would God give us all these prophecies and then tell us to be vigilant about watching for them?

The primary reason is to serve as a warning for what is coming. This is why the Trumpet each month shows how world events are fulfilling Bible prophecy. We always try to show how all the bad news leads to the good news of Christ’s return. But we cannot shy away from the commission to do God’s merciful warning Work (Ezekiel 33). God isn’t going to spring these calamities on us—He has been giving plenty of warning.

The Church is commissioned to watch, warn and proclaim the good news of the return of Jesus Christ and the soon coming Kingdom of God.

But you also have a personal responsibility.

“Watch therefore,” Christ continued in Matthew 24, “for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come” (verse 42). You are told, individually, to watch. “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh” (verse 44). Being ready requires ongoing effort. It requires vigilance. Your watching and your praying have a bearing on whether God will count you worthy to escape! To escape these nightmares coming on the world, you must be watching and praying always.

Your attitude about Christ’s return—your urgency, your excitement about those signs He has given you—does have a direct impact on your personal conduct. Looking for the day of Christ’s return puts a perspective on your life that should translate into a desire to seek God’s way of life and support His Work.

God gives a host of signs to watch for, but not just so you will watch—He gives them as a means of stirring you up about the return of Jesus Christ!

Get your mind on what God is doing on Earth today. Actively prepare for what is coming. “Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing” (verse 46). God will bless and reward you for such an attitude.