Members Experience Monster Hurricane

This account was written by member Arnita Molden, who encountered Hurricane Ida, an August 26 Category 4 storm with winds as high as 150 mph that struck the Caribbean, Louisiana and neighboring states and killed 115 people in Venezuela and the United States. It was the second-most powerful and damaging hurricane on record after Hurricane Katrina, which struck exactly 16 years earlier to the day.

LOUISIANA—The cars slowly crept along 190 westbound as we traveled to Sabbath services on August 28. We noticed there was more traffic than usual but we paid little attention, until it became much worse.

My husband, Thomas, and I both remembered that a hurricane had been forecasted. Hurricane Ida made landfall in Baton Rouge on Sunday, August 29. The winds were monstrous! The projected wind speed in Baton Rouge was 75 mph, with rain bands dropping two to three inches of rain per hour.

We prayed to the Eternal God for guidance, help, and protection. We weren’t afraid, nor did we doubt the Eternal God would protect us. There was a sense of peace and tranquility in our home. My husband slept through the whole thing, but not me. I watched the wind literally blow the rainwater away from our home.

We lost power for two days and three nights. The Eternal God blessed us during the night by causing a cool breeze to blow, which lowered the temperature in our home. I kept my schedule for preparing for the fall holy days, cleaning the home and packing our belongings. We learned the lessons and blessings of contentment.

We became aware of how frightening Hurricane Ida had become from listening to the weather reports via cell phone. The wind and rain were causing massive property destruction throughout Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. While listening to the reports of flooding and structural damage to homes and businesses, we knew we had nothing to complain about. Our home was not damaged, we had no flooding and no wind damage except for a small piece of siding that was quickly and easily repaired, for free.

During the day, we traveled to the nearest grocery store to purchase ice and non-perishable food items. We witnessed the fear and panic that sets in when people are afraid and know that they will be without necessities.

What a spiritual blessing this was for me personally. We must make the best out of whatever situation we are in. I did not want the Father and Jesus Christ to be disappointed in me because I complained. There was literally nothing to complain about. Learning to trust and lean or our Father and Christ gives us the strength and tenacity to press forward with all our might. There are astounding blessings in any storm we may face in life, if we choose God’s way!