Minnesotans Picnic at One of 10,000 Lakes

MINNESOTA—On a sunny Sunday, July 18, the Philadelphia Church of God’s Minnesota congregation held its annual church picnic after months of planning and anticipation. Member Candy Fiskewold and her husband, Ed, hosted the 38 members and guests at their cabin lodge overlooking scenic Brown’s Lake. Regional Director Brian Davis of Ohio and Preaching Elder David Weeks of Illinois also visited with their families.

The group ate together and tried rock-painting crafts. Mr. Fiskewold and his son then

offered boat rides, with some taking a slower, peaceful tour and others going full-throttle for tubing and waterskiing.

Still laughing over stories from the boating adventures, the group later slurped root beer floats,

cooled off by the lodge pool, competed in ping-pong and foosball tournaments, and watched the sun set while feeling the breeze coming off the lake.

“It was a relaxing day, very peaceful,” member Linda Panzironi said.

Member Kristy Pepin said the day was “even more special by having both of our ministers and a few other visitors in attendance.”

Prayers had been answered for perfect weather to suit all the activities, and stronger bonds were built between members of the spiritual family.