Singles Host Second Progressive Dinner

EDMOND—Twenty-three singles from the Edmond congregation hosted 14 married couples and 15 children at seven homes in north Edmond on June 27 for an evening of snacks, refreshments, specialty dishes and conversation. The singles hosted different pairs of families for appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Preaching Elder Carlos Heyer said he “enjoyed being in small groups, because the conversations were more one-on-one, and he also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the children that attended the event.”

This progressive dinner was the first to include an invite to the children of couples who had hosted the singles progressive dinner during the Singles Winter Weekend at the end of last year.

“I found having the children attend was a pleasant addition,” said Corinne Eagle, who hosted at her home. “I didn’t know at first how it might change the dynamics, but it added a nice family feel to the event without losing the feel of a progressive dinner. We enjoyed interacting with the children, and the children were great!”

“Some of us singles don’t get to spend too much time with children,” said Josué Michels, who coordinated the first “reverse” progressive dinner last summer. “Having the kids attend lighted up the evening. Through events like this, young and old, families and singles learn that we all are one big family.”

Local Elder Dwight Falk said, “My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food, warm hospitality and stimulating conversation. Singles and families of all ages were able to spend time together as one large, extended family.”

After families returned, singles continued their fellowship as they cleaned up for the evening. Single Victor Granados said that if singles just throw themselves into an activity, pray about it and bring the right attitude, they will “have an evening like no other.”