Chicago Spokesmen Host Ladies

WISCONSIN—Chicago Spokesman Club members and guests met in the village of Fontana on June 6 for the club’s annual ladies gala at the Abbey Resort overlooking the a harbor on Lake Geneva.

Topicsmaster Benjamin Tryba led the group of 33 through topics including dating and the future of archaeology in Jerusalem after Dr. Eilat Mazar. Following dinner, toastmaster David Privratsky introduced five speeches designed to be crystal clear, to instruct, to add color, to inspire and to stir to action.

Club director David Weeks evaluated the club meeting and presented certificates of graduation to David Privratsky and James Privratsky, Jr. Mr. Weeks then concluded the meeting with a lecture on how members of God’s Church are sojourners in this world preparing for a permanent home in New Jerusalem. The men and their dates then enjoyed a dance.

“What I took away from the gala was an in-depth reminder of just how temporary this physical life is,” guest Macy Naillon said. “It’s so easy to let the difficulties of this physical life overwhelm and frustrate you, but if you’re spiritually grounded in the vision of our future in New Jerusalem, then nothing can discourage you.”

“I was struck by the fact that New Jerusalem is our home, too,” club member Nick Bush said, “and how God is meticulously preparing us for our office there.”