Celtic Throne Inspires Crowds

EDMOND—Over the past three weeks, Philadelphia Church of God members, staff and youth have performed the Celtic Throne Irish dance production four times for 1,521 concertgoers in three cities in two states. The experience has brought tears to the eyes of many, and some have claimed that it “changed my life.” Celtic Throne shows tonight in Amarillo, Texas, at the Globe-News Center for Performing Arts and has six additional shows scheduled.

Celtic Throne premiered last summer and held 10 ticketed performances in Edmond, Oklahoma; Branson, Missouri; and Rapid City, South Dakota. Its second season debuted on May 30 with an attendance of 465. On June 2, 192 saw the show in Irving, Texas, 490 attended on June 6 back at Armstrong Auditorium, and 336 attended on June 9 in Austin, Texas. After that performance finished, dancers were met with another round of applause as they came into the lobby to say hello to concertgoers. Tonight’s show in Amarillo has sold more than 600 tickets.

Here are some of the comments fans have made online so far.

“A powerful, majestic, performance! If you love Celtic music and dance, this is a must-see experience! If you are not sure if you are into Celtic music, then try it: You won‘t be disappointed. I am a softy, so not surprised I was moved to tears multiple times by the power of the music and the passion of the dance performances last night at the Irving Arts Center. They do not have the budget of a Michael Flatly Riverdance kind of thing but their passion matches the intensity and their budget has been spent well to give a world-class performance. And as a business owner of a family run business, I love that Celtic Throne is truly a family venture. They will be in Austin soon!” (Facebook)

“Such amazing young talent. Very much worth the ticket price! My husband took me for my birthday and he isn’t usually into these kinds of shows but he enjoyed it as well. Great job!!” (Trip Advisor: Brokenokie1230)

“Just the best performance I have ever seen. I seriously couldn’t stop smiling throughout the entire performance. It was so enjoyable! The dancers were amazing, and to feel the power of their steps was overwhelming. The dancers really brought you in and made you feel like you were dancing along with them with the energy they displayed. It was so much fun!” (Trip Advisor: whitneycheri90)

“We specifically attended Celtic Throne. The performance was beyond my expectations: the dance, vocals, the whole atmosphere…it was thoroughly enjoyable. We Have attended many performances at Armstrong and enjoyed everyone.” (Trip Advisor: Jeberhard)

“Quality program that was entertaining for the entire family, 9 to 90. The dancing and singing were excellent. The only drawback was the volume which was a bit hard on the ears of seniors and children.” (Trip Advisor: 1sandersg)

“Amazing talented performance for all ages to view. My grandchildren ( teens ) and I loved it all. It held our attention from the first curtain open to the last standing ovation and claps. We enjoyed going and thank you to all.” (Trip Advisor: kultgenm)

“First time to the Armstrong Auditorium. Easy access, free parking, comfortable seating in the auditorium. The auditorium is just the right size, small enough that any seat has a great view. The Celtic Throne performance was outstanding. Hope to see performances here in the future.” (Trip Advisor: Mark Richardson)

“The producer actually made a story from the beginning of Irish dance right through and up to the United States of America. Extremely well done and very diversified.” (Trip Advisor: Tony7792)

“Wonderful performance as always! All performers really get into the mood with their dancing and singing!” (Trip Advisor: pgragg64)

“Armstrong Auditorium is beautiful, and the performance was wonderful. Brought my younger daughter, a ballet dancer, to see the performance. She loved it!” (Trip Advisor: Troopmom2)

More comments are available at TripAdvisor.com, and more information is available at CelticThrone.com and Twitter.com/celtic_throne.