Students Help Enhance Campus

EDMOND—On June 10, dozens of Herbert W. Armstrong College students joined staff members from the buildings and grounds department outside the Hall of Administration to assist in pruning trees and trimming ground cover in an effort to beautify the Spurlin Lake waterfront.

This was the fifth work party for improving the headquarters campus that students have participated in over the past few months. One of the previous projects was building 16 raised beds for a student garden to provide the food services department with fresh vegetables. Another was spent weeding and planting flowers, and others focused on laying sod for a new sports field.

Since January, Buildings and Grounds has had an increase in its number of new projects, including the dock and sports field, as well as construction of tennis courts and an associated court and bathroom complex, a new maintenance shop annex, an Imperial Academy parking lot, and fencing for livestock and appearance. A new gymnasium building is also planned.