God Family Culture: 15 Fun Family Games to Play

EDMOND—The summer is a great opportunity to spend extra time with family and friends. Rather than a movie night, why not spend the evening around the dining room table or out on the deck, bursting with laughter? Here are some games you might not have tried, or taken out of the closet in years, that are just waiting to help you get to know your family and friends better in more ways than one.

Get to Know You Games

Loaded Questions

Guess which player wrote which answer and submit your own silly and stimulating questions.

Do You Really Know Your Family?

Ask some amusing questions and silly challenges that spark some fun conversations.

Blank Slate

Pick a cue card, write the word you think best completes the phrase, and match it to another player’s word without giving a single hint.

Trivial Pursuit

Ignite your memory and test your smarts in a variety of categories.


Race against the timer as you write down answers in different categories that begin with a certain letter, for example, and try to come up with answers no one else has.

Heads Up

Wear a headband with a word on it that everyone can see—but you—and race the timer to guess what it is, based on clues from your laughing teammates.


Flip cards and race other players to shout out an example of a person, place, or thing on the card to win it for your pile.


Work with your team leader to contact all your undercover agents before the rival team contacts all of theirs.

Card Games


Get rid of all the cards in your hand using a variety of methods in order to win.


Follow suit, otherwise, play any card. Win the trick with the highest card of the suit led.


Using any playing cards: flip cards in the center until there is a match and keep piling up cards until there are none left.

Board Games

Chinese Checkers

Race your pieces across the hexagram-shaped board to home, one spot at a time or by jumping over other pieces.

Ticket to Ride

Collect cards to ride the rails across America and reach your destinations!


Become a successful Renaissance-era gemstone tycoon.


Build a sprawling medieval walled city just like—okay, sort of like—the real Carcassone in southern France.


Build your kingdom into something grand, one card at time.