Letter from the Herbert W. Armstrong College senior class

Upon graduation, each senior class of Herbert W. Armstrong College composes an open thank-you letter to all the members and co-workers of the Philadelphia Church of God. The Class of 2021 is honored to continue that tradition.

Our education as four-year graduates adds up to over 9,000 hours: 4,500 hours on the job; 1,800 hours in the classroom; at least half again that amount in study; 1,200 hours for forums, Bible studies and church services; and maybe 800 hours more for the numerous intramural activities. This doesn’t even count our most important regular activity: daily prayer and Bible study.

We owe the first debt of gratitude to God. Without Him, none of this would be possible. But we also owe a great debt of gratitude to you, the members and co-workers of the Philadelphia Church of God. If it weren’t for your generosity, our 9,000 hours of dynamic education and training would not have been possible. We are where we are because of your abounding love and willingness to sacrifice for God’s Work.

Every prayer you offered to God for the Philadelphia Church of God, for headquarters and for the college, whether it was general or specific, has in one form or the other contributed to our educational experiences and successes here. Your tithes and offerings have, in one way or another, funded and subsidized our college experiences.

Nearly every college graduate in the United States is overwhelmed with the burden of student debt. God’s blessings and your part in them make us an all-too rare exception. Thanks to your support, we graduate without debt, and with a wealth of experiences that is priceless. The responsibility to put this education to good use in our lives and in support of this wondrous Work is now on our shoulders. We will hold the family banner high.

Thank you!

The Herbert W. Armstrong College Senior Class of 2021