Aussies Camp at the Beach

AUSTRALIA—About 30 members of all ages from the Brisbane congregation loaded their cars with camping supplies and headed to Noosa North Shore Campgrounds for a short camping trip over the anzac Day long weekend from April 25-27.

The group took a short ferry trip to the small campsite nestled among the trees and pitched tents within walking distance of the beach, then spent the afternoon swimming at the beach, reading and fishing before a barbecue dinner and more fishing on the beach under the stars.

“I particularly enjoyed sleeping to the sound of the ocean,” member Jack Wood said. “Nothing like getting away from the city and hearing nothing but the sounds of nature and seeing no lights but the stars in the sky and the moon reflected on the surf.”

In the morning the group loaded up four-wheel-drives with lunch and took off in a convoy driving down the beach, taking in the sights of waves to one side and sand dunes to the other.

Deacon Wayne Robson said he enjoyed the beach drive in particular “because it is not something you can do every day.”

The vehicles came to a halt, lunch containers were opened, and the members took a group photo, a swim in the ocean and a short hike to Double Island Point Lighthouse before driving their sandy, saltwater sprayed vehicles back down to the campsite to spend the afternoon swimming and relaxing on the beach.

“The highlight for me was enjoying God’s creation with God’s family,” member Roberta Wood said. “I loved our four-wheel driving adventure along the unspoiled beaches with rolling surf and the striking natural beauty of the colored sands of Rainbow Beach cliffs.”

Some members packed up camp and headed home in time for work the next day, while others stayed an extra night, sharing stories and strolling along the beach under the stars. Visits from local wildlife included some curious bush turkeys, a small carpet snake and a few large kangaroos bounding right through the campsite.

After the weekend wrapped up, member Kiall Lorenz said the highlight for him was “getting away from the day to day pressures and distractions and being able to enjoy quality time with fellow brethren in a very relaxing and peaceful setting right on the beach.”