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December 2020 Announcements


OKLAHOMA—Josiah Everest Breth was born to Harley and Tonya Breth of the Edmond congregation on December 11, weighing 9 pounds and measuring 22 ½ inches in length.

OKLAHOMA—Keely Magnolia Everest Hercus was born to Steven and Tarah Hercus of the Edmond congregation on December 23, weighing 8 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 20 inches in length.


OKLAHOMA—Logan Yoder, a Herbert W. Armstrong College student, was baptized in Edmond on December 26 by Evangelist Wayne Turgeon and Preaching Elder Eric Burns.

OKLAHOMA—Kumbirai Matemadombo, a Herbert W. Armstrong College student, was baptized in Edmond on Saturday, December 26, by Preaching Elders George Githembe and Eric Burns.


OKLAHOMA—Deryle Hope was raised in rank to preaching elder at the ministerial conference staff dinner on December 28 by Evangelists Stephen Flurry and Wayne Turgeon. He continues to work in the headquarters translations department and as an instructor at the college.

OKLAHOMA—Dwight Falk was ordained a local elder at the ministerial conference staff dinner on December 28 by Pastors Fred Dattolo and Andrew Locher. He continues to serve in the headquarters broadcasting department and as an instructor at the college and high school.


CANADA—Emmanuel Michels and Victoria Lancaster were united in marriage on December 13 in Alberta, with Pastor John Macdonald officiating. The couple resides in England.

OKLAHOMA—Ben Young and Allison Guenther were married on December 20 in Edmond at the John Amos Field House. Pastor Fred Dattolo officiated the ceremony. The couple resides in Guthrie.

SOUTH CAROLINA—Preaching Elder Winston Davis and Brenda Fox were married on November 22. The groom’s son, Pastor Brian Davis, officiated the ceremony. The couple resides in Mauldin.


NEW JERSEY—John James Billinghire, 70, died on the morning of July 15. He was born in Atlantic City to Joseph and Minnie (Peterson) Billinghire on April 9, 1950. He received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University in 1973 and his master’s degree in business administration in 1975. He spent his professional career as an executive and chief executive in the aerospace, defense and manufacturing industries. God preserved him throughout his career by preventing him from joining the Air Force despite having a Congressional nomination, working on a nuclear submarine, and owning a machine gun mount company. Later in his professional career, he traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada as an executive consultant, specializing in coaching owners, structuring small businesses and saving the jobs of employees. He married Patricia (Noyes) in 1977, and they raised four children in Carmel, Indiana. He was a devoted husband, father and a man of faith. He was a member of God’s Church for 35 years, exactly half his life. He was called into God’s church in 1985 after listening to the World Tomorrow broadcast and reading TheUnited States and Britain in Prophecy. He and his wife went through baptismal counseling together and were baptized on July 13, 1985. After the death of Worldwide Church of God founder Herbert W. Armstrong death, John noticed there was a difference in the Church and stopped attending in 1989. He and his family started attending and serving in the PCG in January 1996. As a shut-in during the last eight years of his life, he still wanted to fellowship with the brethren and would ask to have a variety of members over for the Night to Be Much Observed and for get-togethers throughout the year. He is survived by his wife, Patricia, his four children and eight grandchildren; John Jr, Tricia & Daniel (Isaac, Brielle) Ladenburg, Kristen and Joseph (Jeannine, Kaylee, Jordan, Jaxon) Robinson and Victoria Billinghire and Kevin Stover (Jacob, Ethan). They will remember him as a big bear: strong and so loving and protective of his family. A memorial service officiated by Pastor Cal Culpepper was held on November 25.