Edmond Singles Host Evening Soiree

EDMOND—About 100 members from the headquarters Philadelphia Church of God congregation, including singles, Herbert W. Armstrong College students and families, attended an evening soiree at the John Amos Field House on October 24.

Moved from the outdoor area around the Swans in Flight sculpture due to cool temperatures, the event took place in the dining hall and beneath the carport, with couples twirling around two makeshift dancefloors.

“Opening the evening up to a broader group of people, not just the singles, took some of the pressure off and made it more of a family event,” Local Elder Mark Hyde said. “I also think that aspect of the evening made the event more unique.”

In between swinging, waltzing and fox-trotting, members and singles mingled and snacked around the dance floors both inside and outside of the fieldhouse.

“I liked that there was a lot of room to dance and how there was an inside and outside option to dance. I enjoyed the variety of songs as well,” said Jacquelynn, a local teen.

Single Oliver Heyer said, “It was unique to see married couples participate in the dance. It served as a reminder to all singles that activities such as dancing or going out on dates don’t end after marriage.”