Turnabout Equates to Creative Dates

EDMOND—Herbert W. Armstrong College students shared interactive games, karaoke, home-cooked meals, dessert socials and other unique activities November 6-8 for turnabout weekend. The semi-annual event is for women at the college, and beyond, to invite men to dates. The students took the opportunity to develop their planning and creativity.

Activities included riding the Wheeler District Ferris wheel, dinner at the homes of local members of the congregation, working together to solve clues at an escape room, playing tunes at a vinyl record store, picnicking and hosting a pizza cook-off. One group of ladies organized a Sunday afternoon mural-hunting activity, finding and taking photos with their dates at various artworks throughout Oklahoma City.

“Getting to know someone on a deeper level is one of my greatest joys in life,” said student Elias Noe, “and turnabout is the perfect opportunity to do that.” Student Brianna Lorenz said “Turnabout is a great opportunity for us to give back in preparing some awesome dates for the guys who serve us throughout the year.”

The next Herbert W. Armstrong College turnabout weekend will take place some time in the spring.