Unless the Lord Shall Find a House
We wouldn’t make this house work—God would.

The roof was in shambles, the sewer line was going to explode, and the foundation was crumbling. At least, this was my opinion of our potential new house.

Late in 2018, a few months after we had moved to Edmond, my family was looking to buy a house. Up to this point, we had been living in a low-end apartment while we got settled in, and the conditions had been grating on us all, but none of the houses we looked at seemed to be working out. Then we found a small house in our price range, the neighborhood my mom wanted, close to work for my mom and school for my sister and me. It was literally a Godsend.

When we had first moved to Edmond, we were all underwhelmed by our apartment, and my mom quickly looked online at houses and found this same one. But at the time (August), we made no move on it, and someone quickly made an offer and it was taken off the market. Now it was November, and we were seriously looking for a house to buy, but all the houses we had looked at had disadvantages. My mom really wanted a house in the neighborhood right next to campus that many of our fellow Church members lived in, not to mention close to her job. But even the houses we found in that neighborhood were out of our price range or had serious defects. One had a foundation so slanted that a marble would always roll one way on the floor!

Then the house we had looked at a few months previous came back on the market; whatever deal that had started hadn’t worked out. Knowing it couldn’t be a coincidence—a house within our price range in the neighborhood my mom had hoped for? —we quickly went to go check it out.

It seemed perfect. Well, not perfect, but something we could work with, and obviously a miracle from God.

Then came the inspection. As we got the house inspected, things started well but slid downhill quickly.

The foundation around the house had cracks in it from water damage; when it rained, the water flooded against the house. The sewer line had a broken spot in the pipe that went through our backyard due to tree roots shifting it, meaning it would be prone to clog and would cause many other problems if not fixed. Finally, the ultimate letdown: The owner had bragged of just replacing the roof—and he had, with the cheapest job possible. The inspector warned us that with any strong wind, the shingles might “unzip”—entire rows tearing off together—and there are definitely strong winds in Oklahoma. Each of these issues would cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Being the savvy house-hunter I thought I was, I figured this was the end of our looking at this house. The only one that had seemed hopeful to us at all was so full of faults and issues, we couldn’t possibly take it on. We didn’t have the money to expend to fix all the issues. We would just have to keep looking.

My mom, however, was relatively undeterred. After a few days of praying about it and getting counsel, as well as having a member involved in construction come and take a look, she went forward with buying the house.

I was dumbfounded. But—but the foundation, the sewer line! The ROOF! I couldn’t understand how we would make this house work, but we wouldn’t. God would.

In all this, I had neglected to remember that God was the one providing for us. It had seemed obvious that He had given us a second chance to look at the house, and my mom had faith that He would work out all the issues. The ministers she had counseled with agreed, but I had forgotten.

In the end, we were able to get the owner to significantly drop the price to account for the repairs we would have to do. In the spring of 2019, we got the foundation fixed, but the sewer and the roof never even became a problem, and we didn’t fix them. To this day, shingles have not flown off, nor have pipes exploded in our backyard.

God provided us with this house, and He worked out all the issues that gave us pause—or me an anxiety attack. I learned to trust and rely on God more through this whole ordeal—that if it is His will, He will work it out. I learned that He opens the doors; all we have to do is trust Him and walk through.

We surely couldn’t have fixed all the issues with the house, not easily anyway, and we couldn’t have kept them from becoming a problem without God’s intervention, but God knew exactly what we needed and provided it for us. He is intimately involved in each of our lives and knows exactly what we need and what we want. We needed a house, and we wanted one in this neighborhood, and that’s exactly what God gave us.