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Congratulations 2020 Armstrong Acceptees!
Known incoming students for the 2020-2021 academic year

Acceptance letters for the 2020-2021 academic year of Herbert W. Armstrong College have arrived in mailboxes across the country and around the world. Here’s the complete list of the confirmed incoming freshmen:

  • Daniel Belden (Kentucky)
  • Jude Flurry (England)
  • Talea Gregory (Canada)
  • Selah Harms (Arkansas)
  • Scott Heerma (Oklahoma)
  • Leah Hyde (Oklahoma)
  • Becky Lorenz (Australia)
  • Sam McKoy (Oklahoma)
  • Jeremiah Romanos (Australia)
  • Georgia Zoellner (Arkansas)
  • Jenna Natanawan (Canada)
  • Kimberley Sherwood (Australia)
  • Anastasia Hunt (Georgia)
  • Brenda Barquero Nunez (Costa Rica)
  • Erica Anderson (Washington)
  • Daniel van Halteren (Netherlands)
  • Nicholas King (Australia)
  • David Michael Defee (Texas)
  • Garret Mardian (Canada)
  • Levi Ali (Trinidad and Tobago)