Congratulations 2020 Armstrong Acceptees!
Known incoming students for the 2020-2021 academic year

Acceptance letters for the 2020-2021 academic year of Herbert W. Armstrong College are now arriving in mailboxes across the country and around the world. Below is the list of the known incoming freshmen. This list will be updated as more acceptances are confirmed.

  • Daniel Belden (Kentucky)
  • Anjulie Cruz (Philippines)
  • Jerome Cruz (Philippines)
  • Jude Flurry (England)
  • Talea Gregory (Canada)
  • Selah Harms (Arkansas)
  • Scott Heerma (Oklahoma)
  • Leah Hyde (Oklahoma)
  • Becky Lorenz (Australia)
  • Sam McKoy (Oklahoma)
  • Jeremiah Romanos (Australia)
  • Georgia Zoellner (Arkansas)
  • Jenna Natanawan (Canada)
  • Kimberley Sherwood (Australia)
  • Anastasia Hunt (Georgia)
  • Brenda Barquero Nunez (Costa Rica)


The Herbert W. Armstrong College registrar’s office stated, “Due to many delays and cancellations related to coronavirus, several applicants have been prevented from completing a number of tests and other necessary requirements for admission. The college has tentatively accepted the following students, pending successful completion of the requirements. Please pray for God’s intervention in these situations.”

  • Daniel van Halteren (Netherlands)
  • Nicholas King (Australia)
  • David Michael Defee (Texas)
  • Garret Mardian (Canada)
  • Destiny Villanueva (Texas)
  • Levi Ali (Trinidad and Tobago)