Personal Appearance Campaigns Come to Birmingham

EDMOND—Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry delivered a Personal Appearance Campaign in Birmingham, England, on the evening of February 1 and the afternoon of February 2. It was the first campaign in the United Kingdom’s third-largest city and the fifth since Trumpet campaigns started in the UK in 2018.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the Philadelphia Church of God UK-Europe office sent 3,494 invitations to area Trumpet subscribers. Office staff members, including Herbert W. Armstrong College assistants, set up the hall in record time, which saved on hall rental costs, Campaign Manager Edwin Trebels said. Mr. Flurry, fresh off a visit to Jerusalem along with his father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, delivered both lectures and spoke with attendees afterward.

The first lecture attracted 102 listeners, including 35 subscribers who are not already part of the Church. Mr. Flurry focused on Britain, its exit from the European Union, the United States and Israel, emphasizing that crucial end-time prophecies are now being fulfilled in each of these nations. He highlighted the fact that Herbert W. Armstrong boldly forecast decades ago that Europe would unite more and more tightly, and that Britain would “be no part of it.” Britain officially left the European Union the day prior to the campaign.

The following day, 98 subscribers, including 33 who are not already Church members, heard Mr. Flurry discuss the book of Jude, focusing on the importance of being teachable and coming to Personal Appearance Campaigns with a humble, child-like attitude. He also emphasized the need to not only agree with the message but to also take action.

One non-member subscriber traveled from Italy to attend the campaign, despite the fact he could only speak Italian and the message was given in English. Armstrong student assistant Parker Cambell said, “It impressed on my mind how spiritually hungry people are, and how much people need these Personal Appearance Campaigns.”

“I just came here a couple of weeks ago. And I’m very happy to attend this campaign. It has been great. It has been an eye-opener,” said one subscriber who attended with family.

Another, who said he watches The Key of David-UK every Sunday morning, said he felt emotional and had been studying the Bible and Church literature since the 1970s, when the Worldwide Church of God was led by Herbert W. Armstrong. “I obviously can see that we are in the time of the end,” he said. “It was a good eye opener to see what you do here, as a regular Trumpet subscriber—ever since it used to be the Plain Truth in the early 70s, that’s going back a bit—to see what it is all about.”

Another attendee said the message “has given me food for thought, especially since I’ve only stumbled on the Trumpet by mistake when I was channel flicking on the preview. I just got hooked on what he was saying …. [It is] a wake-up call for me personally to really, really get back on track and to really seek God and to take heed to what Stephen Flurry and the wonderful work they are doing in the Philadelphia Church of God.”

The Church’s UK-Europe office manager, David Howard, said that in talking to attendees after the lecture, “it was inspiring to see the enthusiasm they had for the messages. A number enquired about making donations and what is even more exciting is how many seem very interested taking steps towards attending. We’ll be praying that their enthusiasm turns into action.”

The next Personal Appearance Campaign will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on February 22. Trebels asked that members pray for the event, for the attendees, for favor from the hotel staff and the ability to set up on Friday afternoon, and for the hotel to schedule no other events at the same time. At least 30 Trumpet subscribers who are not already Church members are expected to attend the campaign, including one from the Netherlands.

In addition to a number of Church members, 24 other subscribers signed up for the February 9 Birmingham Personal Appearance Campaign follow-up Bible study.